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Cross-platform File Explorer.Powered by the web

Being built using the Tauri Framework, and written using TypeScript for the frontend and Rust for the backend, Xplorer promises you an unprecedented experience.
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Xplorer dark on Windows

Windows (dark)

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Xplorer shades of purple on Linux

Garuda Linux (Shades of Purple)

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Xplorer dark on macOS

macOS (dark)

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Xplorer light on Windows

Windows (light)

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Xplorer dark+ on Windows

Windows (dark+)

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Xplorer light+ on macOS

macOS (light+)

Supports Multiple Tabs

Tired of opening multiple windows to explore your files? Xplorer comes with multiple tabs support to help you manage your files easier.

File Preview

Xplorer comes with a built-in file previewer to help you view files in a more intuitive way. It supports images, videos, PDFs to almost all programming language with Syntax Highlighting.

Designed out of the box

Say goodbye to the old design by traditional app and say hello to this simple yet powerful design.


You can customize the look and feel of Xplorer by using different themes or build your own theme.

Designed and developed by many amazing people.

Xplorer is an Open Source project that everyone can contribute to.