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Themes (Beta)

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Theme demo

The Theme extension is a way to define the look of the Xplorer. Xplorer comes with a few default themes (which are light, dark, light+, and dark+), but you can also create your own, which is a great way to personalize your Xplorer and is documented in this guide.

How do I change between themes?

You can switch between themes by opening settings and on the Preference page, you can see a dropdown menu with the available themes under App Theme section.

Switching between themes

Installing a theme

There are 2 ways to install a theme:

Via .xtension file

You can download .xtension file from the theme developer and simply double clicking it on Xplorer.

Install theme via .xtension file

Install from public URL via Xplorer CLI.

You can also install a theme from a public URL via Xplorer CLI by running following command:

xplorer extensions theme install <Theme URL>


Shades of Purple

Run following command to install Shades of Purple theme:

xplorer extensions theme install

Run following command to install Winter theme:

xplorer extensions theme install

Uninstalling a theme

To uninstall a theme, you can run following command:

xplorer extensions uninstall <Theme Identifier>

Official Themes

There are currently 2 official themes:

Show yours! 👋

Our community is always looking for new themes. If you have a theme that you think would be a good fit, please tell it to us.