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Welcome to Xplorer, A Free and Open Source (FOSS) File Explorer.

Xplorer is a modern file explorer built from ground-up to be fully customizable to fit 2022's need. Besides, Xplorer is a cross-platform application powered by the web that is being wrapped using Tauri framework in which you can run Xplorer on Windows, MacOS, or Linux without having much trouble. Some Xplorer's features in summary are:

Xplorer is currently under heavy development. You can give your suggestions and feedback on our Discussions page. If you feel comfortable in writing code using Typescript and Rust, we highly encourage you to contribute to this project.

Project Roadmap​

  • File browsing and preview.
  • Multiple tabs.
  • Ability to continue the previous session on startup.
  • Extension.
    • Theme extension.
    • Functions extension.
    • Extension Marketplace.
  • Custom file categorization.
  • Multiple workspaces.
  • Web application.
  • Remote file (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)
  • File protection.
  • Custom file sorting and filtering.

Recommend us a feature by opening an Discussion if you'd like to.